Miele Vacuum Reviews, Part V: What is the Best Miele Vacuum on a Budget?

Miele vacuums have long been associated with high end and luxury appliances. While Miele does make amazing luxurious products it might really surprise you just how well some Miele vacuums will fit into your budget. One great aspect of Miele is their vast line of products to choose from -- not only for flooring needs but also in price range. The two vacuums we talk about below are right around $400. For a vacuum that is built to last for 15 years with all of the qualities of a luxury line vacuum such as Miele – that is a serious deal!

When it comes to introductory Miele vacuums, there are two that come to mind. One is the Miele Twist from the Miele S7 Upright line, and the other is the Miele Capri from the S2 Canister line.

Miele: Built to Last 15-Plus Years!

Both of these vacuums provide the amazing Miele performance, a 7-year motor warranty, built to last 15-plus years, and they both do it for right around $400. Miele is very competitive to other brands with lesser quality.

Miele Twist S7210 – Now $429!

The Miele Twist S7210 is an amazing upright vacuum with all the performance that Miele is famous for. It is great on all types of flooring and has the convenience of an upright vacuum. The Twist comes with Miele’s revolutionary swivel neck technology that will make vacuuming around furniture and corners a breeze. The Miele Twist also lays flat to help when vacuuming under tables and beds. On top of the great performance, the Miele Twist also has amazing filtration. It's equipped with the Miele 12-Stage AirClean Filtration System that filters 99.9% of all fine particles from the air.


Miele Capri S2121 – Under $400

The Miele Capri S2121 Canister is not the lowest priced canister vacuum from the S2 line, but it is what we recommend for entry-level users. It works great on all hard flooring and low- to medium-pile carpeting. If you have a hardwood or hard flooring dominant house and are looking for a Miele but are on a budget -- this is the vacuum for you! The Capri comes with the same great 12-Stage AirClean Filtration System as the Miele Twist. For floor brushes the Miele Capri is equipped with the SBB Parquet-3 floor brush for hard flooring and the STB 205-3 Turbo Brush for carpeting. These two brushes will handle the most diverse of flooring needs.

Both of these vacuums are a great option if you are an allergy sufferer -- or are very clean air-conscious.Both have amazing filtration systems on them, but also have an option of adding a Miele HEPA Filter to the unit in replacement of the stock filter to take HEPA Filtration from 99.9% to 99.97% of all fine particles. These numbers are industry-leading -- and all for right around $400 dollars. A complete bargain for a machine of this quality!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us! We love talking with our customers and walking through the pros and cons of each machine we carry.