Miele Vacuum Reviews, Part VI - What is the Best Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

In our 35 years of experience with vacuums, the Miele Swing S7580 wins our “Best of Show” award in the Miele S7 line of upright vacuums.

In the past, Miele had only been recognized for its top of the line, premium quality canister vacuums.  But that has changed in the past three years as the newer Miele S7 vacuum line has received award after award for functionality, convenience, aesthetics and innovation after Miele put their stamp of quality on the upright vacuum market.

The S7 has every function and luxury that Miele has to offer – but in an upright model. And from our perspective, the awards are well-deserved. The following are the reasons why we believe that the Miele Swing receives awards for being the best upright Miele vacuum.



Unmatched HEPA Filtration

Like Miele's line of canister vacuums that we mentioned in a recent blog post, the upright line filters air through Miele’s 12-stage filtration system -- including the cloth HEPA vacuum bag, post motor filter and Miele HEPA exhaust filter. This ensures that 99.97% of microns lower than .03 in size and smaller are trapped and eliminated from your home's air, making allergens, pollens and many other air pollutants are no longer a worry for Miele Swing vacuum owners.

Upright Vacuum Usability: Swivel Neck and Automatic Controls

To soften some of the burden that can come from cleaning, Miele has incorporated additional special features. One feature invented by Miele, which has been revolutionary in the vacuum world is “Swivel Neck” technology. Swivel Neck technology helps users maneuver their upright vacuums around household obstacles and furniture – making it the perfect fit for smaller living spaces, like apartments and condominiums. The swivel neck on the vacuum allows the cleaning head to bend, twist and contort wherever you want it to…all with a simple tilt of the ergonomic handle.

When going from surface to surface, the Miele Swing automatically changes heights to give its users optimal conditions on any surface. Users can also manually change the height of the vacuum, if desired, to fit ergonomic requirements.

Tools and Attachments

To go along with the pure cleaning power of the Swing model, Miele gives users a couple of handy attachments. A dust brush, a crevice tool and an upholstery brush are all molded into the body of the vacuum for easy storage.

The long, flexible crevice tool is provided for special cleaning needs. This tool is ideal for hard-to-reach small areas where only a tool of this size and nature can clean. Finally, Miele also provides users with the SMC20 Micro Tool Set. This set includes a couple of small attachments that are great for cleaning small, delicate or very hard-to-clean areas. All of these attachments fit at the end of a durable metal extendable wand. This wand is attached to a 12-foot stretch hose that gives consumers the ability to clean specialty areas such as cars, stairs, curtains -- and many other areas around the home. To assist in the stability of your vacuum when using these specialty attachments, Miele has created an "anti-tipping" technology.


From our vantage point, the Miele Swing S7580 provides all the luxury, and convenience you could ever want in an upright vacuum. 

As always, if you have any questions about this model -- or any of the other models that we carry in our online store -- please do not hesitate to contact us.