It's Our Anniversary! Join in the Celebration, and Take 20% Off Your Order!


We are so excited- because guess what? It's our anniversary! Every year during this time, it always seems like a mad dash to get ready for the holidays, and holiday shopping. This year however, we are taking a little break to slow down, and to enjoy and celebrate all that we have created here at Vacuum Cleaner Market. 



This year we were so blessed as our work family grew by 10 employees! We moved to a larger warehouse, launched our small appliance lines, and we opened a separate customer service office.

Lots happened this year in the midst of all of the hardships that 2020 brought. We are blessed to be able to grow and continue helping our customers. While our mission has never changed: to provide our customers the highest quality machines, we are now able to help more and more people. 


We wouldn't be where we were without our amazing customers. We cannot thank you enough for supporting our family.


From 11/4/20-11/10/20, please use the code: PARTY to take 20% off your order! 


Did you know we now have small appliances and personal care items? 

This year brought us a lot of changes and challenges in adding our small appliance and personal care brands to our website- along with expanding our vacuum brands. We test all of our products before we decide to sell them, so this year was spent doing a lot of product testing and research, and involved a lot of logistic challenges with inventory shortages. Throughout it all though, we began our website expansion, and this is just the beginning of the various items we are going to expand upon on our site. We are so excited for the new changes and challenges. 


Featured Small Appliances:



Featured Vacuum Cleaners:




Featured Personal Care Items:



Questions? Our US Based, Live, Customer Service is Here to Help!

We know how hard it is to purchase a vacuum, or get your questions answered. So we changed that! Every day, we have live, US based customer service support- phones, live website chat, and email support. All here and ready to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out and talk to us!

PHONE: 877-819-6857

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