TurboCat Air Driven Central Vacuum Powerhead / Brush HP 8695

Air Driven Power for Central Vacuums

The TurboCat air driven head is for use with central vacuum units. This head is air driven, meaning it is powered by air flow and suction. This head has a spinning brush roll, which is ideal for carpeted surfaces of low to medium pile. A spinning brush roll is always ideal for carpeted surfaces as it will give you a deeper clean with it's agitation.

Please note that this head is air driven and does not have height adjustments, so it is not ideal for carpeting that is super plush or thick pile. 

Product Information
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Product Information

High Speed Brush Roll 

This heads design allows you to get a deep down clean- with an air driven, non-electric carpeting head. This head also features a unique "t: design ideal for cleaning, and also to pevent belt beakage. 

Exclusive DeepSweep® Agitator

The DeepSweep Agitator was created to efficiently bring embedded dirt to the surface, so it can easily be vacuumed away. The staggered bristle design allows constant contact of bristle to carpet. The crimped bristles effectively separate carpet fibers allowing airflow to pickup and remove deep, embedded dirt.

Non-slip Ribbed Drive Belt

The dive belt for this machine allows for less slippage- and a longe lifespan! 

Wide Vacuum Path

A 13" cleaning path, paired with this heads "t" shape design allows for easy maneuverability around and under furniture. This head also features double edge cleaning, which allows you to clean anything in you path, along with being able to get close up to baseboards. 

System Performance Indicator

When a loss of suction occurs, this head will slow in operating speed. This is is due to a clog in your vacuum head, hose, or needing to change your vacuum bag. This decrease in suction should alert you that there is a decrease in air flow.


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TurboCat Air Driven Central Vacuum Powerhead / Brush HP 8695

TurboCat Air Driven Central Vacuum Powerhead / Brush HP 8695