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Odor Assassin Orange - Travel Size 2.2oz

Orange Travel 2.2 oz Size

Don’t just mask odors- eliminate them!

This non-aerosol Odor assassin room spray eliminates airborne odors in just seconds. Instead of covering unwanted smells, this spray eliminates the smell at the source, leaving behind only clean, fresh-smelling air.

This special 2.2oz travel size, is the scent Orange. The Orange Scent is the most popular selling scent that Odor Assassin makes. This scent leaves behind a nice citrus scent wherever you decide to use it. The small and convenient size is easy to store in your car, in a drawer, in your travel bag, or in your purse for on the go. We have always loved the Odor Assassin brand as they are the most effective room sprays we have found on the market. We use this spray to freshen our vacuum bags, office, storefront, and our homes. Never again live with unwanted smells- eliminate them for good.

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Product Information

Try all the enticing scents the Odor Assasin brand has to offer! Choose from Coconut Mango, Cotton, and Orange!

The Little 2.2oz cans are sized to carry with you wherever you go. Non-aerosol pump spray delivers more than 400 sprays per can and makes it travel friendly. Perfect for toolbox, vehicles, purse, or luggage.

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This is a travel, 2oz size of the scent Orange

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(1) 2.2oz Size of Orange Non Aerosol Room Spray

Odor Assassin
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Odor Assassin Orange - Travel Size 2.2oz

Odor Assassin Orange - Travel Size 2.2oz