Miele GN AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags - 3 Boxes - 1 Year Supply

1 Year Supply - Free Shipping

A One Year Supply of Miele Gn Vacuum Bags is: 3 boxes of Miele G/N vacuum bags (12 bags and 6 filters).

Assuming average use of 1 bag per month, this order is a 1 year supply. These HEPA filtered bags are constructed from randomly spun material and feature 9 layers if filtration. In turn this makes the bags extremely durable. A spring loaded top ensures no dirt or dust escapes upon bag removal.



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Product Information

Fits Following Models

Olympus S2121 Capri S2121 Delphi S2121 Home Care S2121
Titan S2181 Full Size S401 Profi S412 Allergy Control S428
White Pearl S444 Ariel S5211 Pisces S5281 Callisto S5281
Libra S5281 Leo S5381 Gemini S5381 Earth S5481
Aquarius S5580 Capricorn S5981 Cat & Dog S8380  Calima S8390
Home Care S8390 Kona S8390 Alize S8590 Marin S8590
UniQ S8990  FreshAir S8390  C1 Classic Olympus  C1 Classic Capri
C1 Classic Delphi C1 Classic Titan C1 Classic Cat Dog C3 Complete Calima
C3 Complete Alize C3 Complete Soft Carpet C3 Complete Kona C3 Complete Marin
C3 Complete Brilliant C3 Complete Cat & Dog C3 Complete HomeCare  
  • 3 boxes (12 bags, 3 post motor filters, 3 pre motor filters)
  • 4.76 qt capacity
  • Heavy duty cloth construction
  • Self sealing spring loaded top
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3.0 lb
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Miele GN AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags - 3 Boxes - 1 Year Supply

Miele GN AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags - 3 Boxes - 1 Year Supply