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Miele Ergonomic Spotlight Comfort Handle

Fits all Non-Electric Canister Models

The Miele Spotlight Comfort Ergonomic Handle is a genuine Miele handle. This handle is a replacement handle for models that came standard with this handle, but can also be used to upgrade your non-electric, Miele canister to a lighted handle!

This handle provides light to areas while you are cleaning- all controlled by a button on the handle, with an auto shut off feature. The ergonomic grip of the handle allows for easy maneuverability while cleaning, and a luxurious cleaning experience. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Upgrade your Miele Canister to a lighted handle, or replace your current lighted handle. This genuine Miele lighted handle is compatible with any non-electric, pure suction, Miele canister. 

  • Pushing a button suffices: LED for illumination of dark corners
  • Ergonomically designed for very easy handling
  • Can be easily retrofitted and used in a number of ways

**Note: This handle will NOT work with any electric Miele canister models. If you are not sure if this handle is compatiable with your Miele, please contact us!

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Miele Ergonomic Spotlight Comfort Handle

Miele Ergonomic Spotlight Comfort Handle