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Miele Descaler

For Washing Machines and Dishwashers!

The Miele descaler for washing machine and dishwasher dissolves harmful limescale deposits which build up due to hard water.

Use for Washing Machines: Empty the entire contents directly into the empty drum of the washing machine (without any laundry inside!). Start the cotton program at 90-95 degrees Celsius without a pre-wash. Recommendation: Depending on water hardness and use frequency 1-3 times per year descale.

Use for Dishwashers: Start the intensive program (75 Degrees Celsius) without any dishes inside. After the pre-wash is complete (after 20 minutes), add in the entire package contents for the main wash cycle. 

Genuine Miele Part: 10130990

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The Miele lime (hard water deposit) remover for clothes washers and dish washers removes harmful lime deposits that can be caused by hard water.

Application for clothes washers. Pour complete contents directly into the drum of the washing machine. Start a washing program that calls for (highest water temp, i.e. "sanitize"), without prewash, with no clothes in the drum. Run to completion of the program. In the case of heavy deposits, repeat. Recommended - in the case of hard water and heavy use (lots of washes), perform this de-lime procedure 1-3 times per year.

Application for dish washers. Start "pots and pans" cycle with no dishes in the dish washer. After the "prewash" has been completed (after about 20 minutes) open the dishwasher door and disperse the contents of the container into the dishwasher. Close the dish washer door and let the program run to the end.

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Miele Descaler

Miele Descaler