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Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Easy as Vacuuming

Wash and dry your carpets with the same machine. Push forward the Hoover SmartWash to deep clean carpeting while pulling back triggers the Auto Dry technology to start adding heat in order to quickly dry it – all done without having to hold down a trigger! 


An AutoMix feature dispenses and mixes the perfect amount of solution automatically, meaning you can easily clean carpet with zero worries. 

Product Information
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Product Information
  • Carpet washer: Effectively removes dirt, dust, hair, debris and harmful allergens. 
  • FlexForce PowerBrushes: Gently remove deep dirt, debris and pet messes. 
  • 1-Step removable nozzle: Makes it easy to clean the brushes. 
  • 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool: Clean further and tackle messes anywhere with our 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool .
  • Dual Tank System: Dual Tank System is easy to fill, empty and rinse. 
  • Automatic Cleaning technology: Push forward to clean and pull back to dry.
  • Auto Clean motion sensing design: Eliminates the guesswork. 
  • Auto Mix: Precisely mixes and dispenses solution for optimal cleaning. 
  • Auto Dry: Delivers powerful extraction with HeatForce™ for faster drying. 
  • Triggerless design: Delivers a deep clean as easy as vacuuming. 
  • Low profile foot: Easily reaches and removes stains. 
  • Enjoy a flexible reach: A 8' hose and 22' power cord offer freedom of motion. 


Auto Clean: Yes 

Dry Only Button: Yes 

Heat Force: Yes 

Solutions Collection: Paws + Claws  

Solutions Machine Type: Upright Carpet Cleaner  

Solutions Surface Type: Carpet 

Auto Detergent Mix: Yes 

Brush System: FlexForce PowerBrushes 

Brushed Edge Cleaning: Yes 

Clean Water Capacity: 1 Gallons 

Dirty Water Capacity: 0.5 Gallons 

Grip Type: D-Shaped Handle 

Handle: Fixed 

Handle Material: Plastic 

Hose Color: Black 

Hose Length: 8 Ft 

Hose Type: Blow Molded 

Motor Amps: 10 

Removable Brushes: Yes 

Removable Nozzle: Yes 

Removable Solution Tank: Yes 

Removable Water Tank: Yes 

Rinse: Manual 

Surface Type: Carpet and Rugs 

  • (1) Carpet Cleaner  
  • (1) Water Tank  
  • (1) Solution Tank 
  • (1) Upper Handle  
  • (1) Accessory Hose  
  • (1) FlexForce PowerBrushes  
  • (1) 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Tool
  • (1) Mesh Tool Storage Bag  
  • (1) Sample Bottle of Cleaning Solution 

The wash and dry light come on together and won’t go off. They are both lit up at the same time and the vacuum won’t spray or suck water. What’s wrong with the vacuum? 

  • If both lights are on and blinking than they are indicating a jam with the brush roll of your SmartWash. To fix this, refer to the maintenance and troubleshooting sections of your user manual. If both lights are on and solid than they are indicating your SmartWash has overheated and it needs to be left off to cool down for thirty minutes. 


Do the rollers/brushes come off so you can clean them? 

  • How to Change and Clean Brushes: HOW TO REMOVE To prevent possible leaking, remove Clean Water Tank, Dirty Water Tank and Solution Tank. With the handle in upright position, follow “Nozzle: How to Remove and Clean “instructions. Grab Side A and pull up to remove. Repeat on the other brush. The brushes can be cleaned under running water. HOW TO REPLACE At an angle, align side B on the brush to the drive gear. Press Tab A down until brush snaps in place. 

Is this meant for use only on short pile carpet? 

  • The Hoover - SmartWash + Upright Deep Cleaner should work for your setup. SmartWash has FlexForce™ PowerBrushes that gently remove deep dirt, debris and pet messes from carpets and is good for short pile carpets, while it still gets deep into long pile carpets. However, long pile shag carpet can get matted down and twisted by the brushes of any carpet cleaner, so we don't recommend it for shag on a general basis. 

Can I use it on hard floor? 

  • We do not recommend using this carpet shampooer on hard floors. 

(5) Year Limited Warranty 

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Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000

Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000