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eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit - MicroFiber Pads

Great on All Hard Flooring!

This eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit arms users with 1 Deep Clean Mop Head and Handle with 1 Deep Clean Mop Head attached, and 2 Spare Deep Clean Mop Heads. Use these mops heads for both "heavy duty" and "delicate" hard floor cleaning. The pivoting and swivel feature allows you to glide around and get under all furniture effortlessly.

3 mop heads give you the ability to clean your entire home without using the same cloth for bathrooms and extra dirty areas.

Why we Love eCloths for Hard Flooring:
-Durability: Guaranteed for over 300 washes.
-EcoFriendly & Safe: With just water, eCloth microfiber cloths remove over 99% of bacteria!
-Cleaning Ability: The best at picking up dirt and grime, without needing to get on your hands and knees!
-Versatility: You can use these with your favorite hard floor cleaner, just water, polish, or even dry!
-Lays Completely Flat: Now you can get under all your furniture!

These mop heads can also be used dry or slightly damp as a quick pick up for crumbs as an alternative for having to pull out the vacuum.
Ensure your floors remain clean and join the “Green Cleaning” movement.

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Product Information

Deep Clean Mop - The durable aluminum wand extends anywhere from 33” for storage to 63” for an incredible reach. Users can easily adjust the length with a simple twist lock function

Mop Head - 17.5” cleaning diameter, this pad has durable and absorbent qualities to gently moisten your hard flooring and lift stubborn dirt or smudges

Dust Head - 17.5” cleaning diameter, this ultra soft pad attracts dust and debris from your flooring. This pad is meant to be used dry and uses static electricity to attract dirt and the plus fibers to trap it during the entire cleaning process

Fiber Construction - Each fiber in the e-Cloth Deep Clean Mop heads are designed to provide optimal cleaning and drying power. The microfibers are 1/200th the diameter of a human hair. The individual fibers are constructed into 8 piece designs. This allows them to trap and remove the finest of particles.

Cloth Construction - The e-Cloth Mop head consists of polyester and nylon fibers. Each cloth has 1.6 million fibers per square inch. This makes for a more dense and higher quality cloth. This is why e-cloth cloths can break down and hold more dirt, grime and bacteria than other brands. They are also guaranteed to last 300 washes (at least).

Environmental - The use of non-disposable microfiber cloths are exponentially better for the environment than paper towels or other disposable counterparts. The Deep Clean Mop head is guaranteed to last over 300 washes. Thats a lot of savings for both you and the environment.

Green Cleaning - No chemicals necessary. Just use water to avoid bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Indoor air pollution and even environmental damage can be caused by some modern day cleaning agents.

  • Deep clean mop - 33"-63" (expandable)
  • Deep Clean Mop Head- 5.25" x 17.5"
  • Dust Mop Head- 5.25" x 17.5"
  • 1 - Deep Clean Mop
  • 1 - Extra Deep Clean Mop Head
  • 1 - Dust Mop Head
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eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit - MicroFiber Pads

eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit - MicroFiber Pads