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e-Cloth Shower Cleaning MicroFiber Cloths Pack

Suction Hook for Easy Storage

This e-Cloth shower pack comes with 2 different cloths and a hook to help you clean your shower. One cloth is designed for water removal and heavier debris. The other glass cloth is designed to remove fingerprints and water stains from your glass. This set also comes with a hook for easy storage. With eCloth products you receive a 300 wash guarantee and the ability to remove 99% of bacteria with the use of water only. Ecloth microfibers are great for the environment, cutting down on waste and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

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Product Information

Shower cloth- High quality microfiber cloth that is durable and absorbent, this cloth is ideal for wiping down build up and hard water from your shower enclosure

Glass cloth- Ensure a streak free shine with the glass cloth. This is ideal for cleaning your shower glass to remove hard water stains and have a crystal clear finish.

Suction hook- This hook helps you store and hang the cloths so they are easily storable and also dry out between uses.

Durable Construction- Each cloth is guaranteed for 300 washes.

Green Cleaning- No chemicals necessary. Just use water to avoid bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Indoor air pollution and even environmental damage can be caused by some modern day cleaning agents.

  • Shower cloth - 12.5" x 12.5"
  • Glass cloth - 20" x 16"
  • 1 Shower cloth
  • 1 Glass cloth
  • 1 Suction hook
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e-Cloth Shower Cleaning MicroFiber Cloths Pack

e-Cloth Shower Cleaning MicroFiber Cloths Pack