e-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Sponge Material for Extra Absorbtion

The e-Cloth cleaning pad can absorb 2x as much water as a standard microfiber cloth. This makes it ideal to soak, wring it out and wipe down surfaces while the cloth provides damp cleaning power. The pad is sectioned off into 4 sections so you can easily fold and form the cloth into your hands. With eCloth products you receive a 300 wash guarantee and the ability to remove 99% of bacteria with the use of water only. Ecloth microfibers are great for the environment, cutting down on waste and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

Product Information
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Product Information

Cleaning Pad- Ultra absorbent material holds 2X the amount of water as a standard microfiber cloth. 4 section design makes it easy to fold and shape in your hand

Durable Construction- Each cloth is guaranteed for 300 washes. 80% polyester 20% Polyamide

Green Cleaning- No chemicals necessary. Just use water to avoid bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Indoor air pollution and even environmental damage can be caused by some modern day cleaning agents.

  • Cleaning Pad- 6.5” x 9”
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e-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Pad

e-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Pad