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Boneco Hybrid Humidifier & HEPA Air Purifier H680


This amazing 3-IN-1 hybrid device by Boneco operates as a humidifier or purifier or both! The already excellent air purification performance is boosted by the additional hybrid filter (HEPA and active carbon filter). 

This all-rounder of a machine humidifies and cleans the room air in large offices, city apartments, lofts, or medical offices to give you fresh, nature-like air! 

Product Information
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Product Information

The Boneco Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier H680 is the perfect 3-in-1 machine to remove contaminants and pollen from your air. Purifiers and humidifies air in large rooms, offices, city apartments, lofts or medical offices.


Key Features

2-in-1 hybrid device: Choice of operating as a Humidifier and/or Purifier 

High humidification capacity up to 150 m², high clean air delivery rate 

Thanks BABY MODE ideal for young families 

Easy to use thanks to remote control, air humidity sensor, filter and water change reminders 

CLEANING MODE for easy cleaning 

Energy saving thanks to ultra-efficient technology



Main Voltage: 100-240 V 

Power Consumption: 30 W 

Humidity Output: 1010 g/h 

Particle CDR: 205 m3/h 

Recommended Room Size: 150 m2 

Water Capacity Max: 10 Liters 

Operation Noise Level: 27- 51 dBA 

System: Humidifier and Air Purifier 


Part # H680 

UPC: 834546001357 

Model # H680



How do you clean the humidifier portion of the machine? How often does it need to be cleaned? How difficult is cleaning compared to other humidifiers? 

Depending on your location and the hardness of your water the H680 should be cleaned every 4-6 weeks. In order to clean the humidifier, fill the water tank half full will warm water and mix in two packets of EZ Cal descaler or EZ Cal pro. Then hold the power button for about 5 seconds which will turn on the cleaning mode. From here you can set how many hours to run the cleaning cycle by the up and down arrow buttons. Once the cleaning cycle has finished empty the base of any remaining water and wipe down the base. The tray, drum rollers, and pre-filter screen (not the filter) can all be cleaned in the sink using a mild detergent. The evaporator mat can be washed in the sink as well or in the dishwasher on the lowest setting. 


How do I reset the change filter light? 

Hold the up and down arrow together for 5 seconds and the change filter light will come off. 


What’s in the Box: 

(1) Boneco Hybrid Humidifier & HEPA Air Purifier H680



(5) Year Limited Warranty 


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Boneco Hybrid Humidifier & HEPA Air Purifier H680

Boneco Hybrid Humidifier & HEPA Air Purifier H680