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Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum

American-Designed and Assembled

The Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum is an American-made, fully certified HEPA shop vac. Clean up dust bunnies and soak up 4 gallons of water in the same cleaning session, all without loss of suction power or filter changes. 

Its ability to pick up and trap fine dust provides great benefits for contractors, carpenters, and similar occupations. This vacuum can take care of much more than dust — safely remove and contain silica, asbestos, lead paint, and hexavalent chromium with the HEPA filter providing airtight closure on hazardous materials. 

An extra-large barrel provides room for 40 pounds of dust, guaranteed to never blow back out into the air and cause contamination. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Key Features: 

  • OSHA and EPA RRP compliant w/semi-auto filter cleaning mechanism 
  • Crush proof, kink proof hose won’t break 
  • Wheels made with tough industrial grade rubber casters
  • Hose hooks to the drain port for distance draining 


Length: 20 in 

Width: 21 in 

Height: 26 in 

Weight: 42 lbs 

Color: Yellow/Black 

Water Lift: 103.60 in 

Air Flow: 130.90 CFM 

Voltage: 120 Voltage 

Amps: 10.60 

Noise Level: 79.00 dB 

Cord Length: 15 ft 

Hose Length: 12 ft 

Port Size: 2.25 in 

What’s in the Box: 

  • (1) Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum 
  • (1) Certified HEPA Filter 
  • (1) HEPA Filter Cover 
  • (2) WunderBag Micro Pre-Filters 
  • (1) 12 ft Hose 
  • (1) Floor Tool 
  • (1) Crevice Tool
  • (2) Extension Wands 

For a copy of the owner's manual, please click here.


How to properly maintain the HEPA filter and cover? 

  • Hand or machine wash the filter cover and let it line dry, but do not put in the dryer. Filter covers may also be vacuumed off to restore suction. The HEPA filter should be discarded and should not be cleaned. Proper installation and use of the Wunderbag and filter cover will maximize the life of the HEPA filter. 

How often should the HEPA filter be replaced? 

  • HEPA filters should last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced. 

Why is the vacuum blowing dust?  

  • Check filter(s) for holes and that they are securely in place. The WunderBag may not be securely in place. 

Why have I lost suction?  

  • The drain cap may be open. Check and clear any obstruction in the hose or attachments. Filters may need to be cleaned/replaced. Agitator rod cover/brass plug may need tightening. WunderBag may be full and need to be replaced. Hose may have a split and needs to be replaced.  

Why are my filters getting wet?  

  • Barrel should be empty before use. Make sure the drain cap is clean, has an o-ring and is screwed on tight.  

Will the filter(s) meet current EPA & OSHA guidelines for asbestos and mold removal?  

  • The outer and inner filters do not. The HEPA filter does.  

Why does the WunderBag say “do not use for toxic materials including lead”?   

  • The WunderBag must be used in line with a Dustless HEPA vacuum to guarantee proper filtration. 


  • (3) Year Limited Warranty 
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Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum

Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Shop Vacuum