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Don’t buy a new machine, fix your old one

Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are meant to last for many years. There powerful motors are meant to last for an average of 2,500 hrs. Commonly customers think their machine is broken when all they need is a replacement part to get the vacuum working as good as new. Unless your vacuum has a bad motor, almost all other problems are worth fixing. We recommend taking your machine in to your local repair store for all complicated repairs. Please email or call us to talk to an expert for all your replacement part concerns.


Common parts replaced on Sanitaire vacuum cleaners

Sanitaire brush rolls are another common replacement part. Before your vacuums motor dies you’re probably going to have to replace the brush roll or brush roll strips. This happens because the constant friction between the bristles and flooring surface wear down the bristle length until your vacuum no longer picks up debris effectively. For users needing a replacement brush roll, this can be attributed to fibers (hair and string) melting in the sides if your brush roll. This seizes the turning ability of the brush roll inhibiting its spinning ability. Best practice is to cut excess debris that becomes wrapped around the brush roll.

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