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Miele SF-HA 30 HEPA Filter

Ideal For Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

The Miele HA-30 HEPA filter fits in S2000, S7000, C1 Classic , U1 and older S300-S899 series Miele vacuums.

This filter has a true HEPA filtration layer that removes 99.95%+ of microns .1 or greater in size. Combined with a rubber air tight sealing system around the sides of the filter, you have the ideal setup for allergy sufferers or anyone looking to enjoy a higher quality of air in their home.

Miele has recommended changing once a year for standard user volumes (or approx. 50hrs of use). To help users remember when to change their filters, a time release color strip has been added. This strip slowly fills with red until after one years time, the whole strip becomes red.


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Product Information
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Product Information
Fits Miele Vacuum Models:
Olympus S212 / C1 Capri S2121 / C1 Delphi S2121 / C1 Home Care S2121 / C1
Titan S2181 / C1 Midsize S301 Midsize S312 Red Star S314
White Star S314 Cat & Dog S316 Medivac S318 Bahama Blue S318
S324 S326 Ambiente S334 Blue Magic S336
Platinum S344 Full Size S401 Allergy Control S438 White Pearl S434
Allergy Control S438 White Pearl S444 Solaris S514 Cat & Dog S516
Medivac S518 Deluxe S524 Mercury S524 Crystal S524
Filtration Gaurd S528 Monte Verde S538 Artico S544 Aluminum S548
Exclusive S548 Champagne S548 Silver Moon S558 Red Velvet S558
S768 Twist S7210 / U1 Cat & Dog S7260 / U1 Jazz S7280 / U1
AutoEco S7580 / U1 Tango S7580 / U1 Swing S7580 Home Care S7580 / U1
Profi S412  FreshAir S7280  ***There are more models not found here, these are just the most common.  
  • HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of microns .03 in size and greater
  • Rubber sealing system to trap particles
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Miele SF-HA 30 HEPA Filter

Miele SF-HA 30 HEPA Filter