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Miele GN XL Pack AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags

This Miele GN XL Pack contains: (8) AirClean GN vacuum bags, (2) AirClean Filters, (2) Motor Filters, in one box at a discounted price! 
This XL pack is the same as buying (2) boxes of GN AirClean bags. Now you only have 1 box to deal with! 


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Product Information

The Miele GN XL AirClean Pack provides the same amount of bags as purchasing (2) regular sized boxes-- Just at a lower price point! We sure love saving our customers money!

These GN Miele 3D AirClean Bags:

  • Filter more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • Have the highest level of efficiency when vacuuming with a low wattage
  • Maximum utilization of the full bag capacity- 4.6 Quarts
  • Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure
  • This pack includes: (8) dustbags, (2) motor filters, & (2) AirClean filters

The Miele AirClean System: 

  • The Miele AirClean system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles.

Self-Sealing Bags

  •  All  genuine Miele bags self close when the appliance is opened to prevent dust from escaping. This seal is ideal for allergy / asthma sufferers, and consumers looking to keep only the cleanest air in their homes, as no dust escapes your vacuums bag.

No Dust Escapes Your Bags

  •  With Miele's 9 ply bag layer technology, no dust is missed by Miele FilterBags™.
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Miele GN XL Pack AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags

Miele GN XL Pack AirClean 3D Vacuum Bags