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EnviroCare Eureka HF-5 Vacuum HEPA Filter F943

Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

This EnviroCare Eureka HF-5 Vacuum HEPA Filter F943 is designed for 5700 and 5800 vacuum models. For a thorough list on the models that are compatible with this filter, continue below to read the compiled list. 

We recommend changing vacuum filters every 6 months to receive optimal performance from your vacuum cleaner. 

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Product Information

This Eureka filter is compatible with these vacuum cleaner models: 

5892AVZ, 5902AVZ, 5902AVZ, 5812A, 5814AZ, 5853A, 5849A, 5851AV, 5852AV, 5856AV, 5856BV, 5857AZ, 5860A, 5860AVH, 5813AV, 5855AZ, 5855BV, 5855BZ, 5840A, 5840A-1, 5840AV, 5840AV-1 5843A, 5843av, 5843AV, 5843AV-1, 5843AZ, 5843AZ-1, 5811A, 5811A-1, 5700, 5800, 5740A, 5811A, 5812A, 5815AV, 5840A, 5840AV, 5842AV, 5843AV, 5843AV, 5843AZ, 5844AV, 5844AZ, 5846AH, 5847AV, 5847AZ, 5848AV, 5849A, 5851AV, 5852AV, 5853A, 5855AZ, 5856AV, 5857AZ, 5892AZ, 5815AV, 5815AV-1, SC5800A 


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EnviroCare Eureka HF-5 Vacuum HEPA Filter F943

EnviroCare Eureka HF-5 Vacuum HEPA Filter F943