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Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum

Large Capacity Barrel

The Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum is an American-made and assembled vacuum built with a triple layer filtration system guaranteed to trap dirt and dust. While not equipped with a HEPA filter, the filtration system captures 99.97% of particles at 0.5 microns. 

Its ability to pick up and trap fine dust as a byproduct from drywall, concrete, wood, fiberglass, stone, and masonry products provides great benefits for contractors, carpenters, and similar occupations. 

Clean up dust bunnies and soak up 4 gallons of water in the same cleaning session, all without loss of suction power or filter changes. An extra-large barrel provides room for 40 pounds of dust, guaranteed to never blow back out into the air and cause contamination. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Key Features: 

  • Filter Convenience: Clean filters without opening the unit. Go between wet and dry without switching filters. Filters and pre-filters won’t be compromised by water or slurry. 
  • OSHA Silica Rule: This model meets the requirements for a dust extractor. 
  • Hose: Crush proof, kink proof hose won’t break. 
  • Wheels: Made with tough industrial grade rubber casters. 
  • Drain Port: Hooks to the drain port for distance draining. 


Length: 20 in 

Width: 21 in 

Height: 26 in 

Weight: 37 lb 

Color: Black/Yellow 

Water Lift: 103.60 in 

Air Flow: 130.90 CFM 

Voltage: 120 

Amps: 10.60 

Noise Level: 79.00 dB 

Cord Length: 15.00 ft 

Hose Length: 12.00 ft 

Port Size: 2.25 in 

What’s in the Box: 

  • (1) Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum 
  • (1) Inner Filter 
  • (1) Outer Filter 
  • (2) Wunderbag Micro Pre-Filters 
  • (1) 12-Foot Hose 
  • (1) Floor Tool 
  • (1) Crevice Tool 
  • (2) Extension Wands 

For a copy of the owner's manual, please click here.


Does this model come with a HEPA filter? 

  • No, the D1603 has a standard filtration system. The D1606 model is HEPA-certified and can take care of hazardous materials. 

Why is the vacuum blowing dust?  

  • Check filter(s) for holes and that they are securely in place. The WunderBag may not be securely in place.  

Why have I lost suction?  

  • The drain cap may be open. Check and clear any obstruction in the hose or attachments. Filters may need to be cleaned/replaced. Agitator rod cover/brass plug may need tightening. WunderBag may be full and need to be replaced. Hose may have a split and needs to be replaced.  

Why are my filters getting wet?  

  • Barrel should be empty before use. Make sure the drain cap is clean, has an o-ring and is screwed on tight.  

Will the filter(s) meet current EPA & OSHA guidelines for asbestos and mold removal?  

  • The outer and inner filters do not. The HEPA filter does.  

Why does the WunderBag say “do not use for toxic materials including lead”?   

  • The WunderBag must be used in line with a Dustless HEPA vacuum to guarantee proper filtration. 


  • (3) Year Limited Warranty 
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Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum

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