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EcoVacs Deebot 661 Convertible Mopping Robotic Vacuum

Interchangeable Water Reservoir and Dustbin

The EcoVac Deebot 661 Convertible Mopping Robotic Vacuum sets a new standard for the convenient clean promised by robotic vacuums. With up to a 110 minute runtime, set this Deebot to clean bare floors and carpeting of any room.

For difficult messes, Max mode is best utilized to provide twice as powerful suction. Still not doing the trick? The Deebot 661 model has a swappable dustbin and water tank to convert this robotic vacuum to a mop.

With the ability to set a schedule, switch cleaning modes, and see a real time cleaning status all from the EcoVac Home App, the Deebot 661 requires little effort for a big clean.

This robotic vacuum requires zero guidance and avoids dangerous spots with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors-it even plugs itself in to charge!

Product Information
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Product Information


What are the differences between the Deebot 661 and Deebot 500 models? 

The main components of dust bin size, power, and so forth are the same with both models. The main difference are the mopping capabilities of the Deebot 661, which can give a deeper clean. 



Navigation Type: Random+Hard Floor Mode 

Cleaning Mode:  Auto, Spot, Edge 

Vacuum Components:  Main Brush 

Vacuum Power Adjustment Y(Manual) 

Dust Bin Capacity (ml):  520ml 

Type of Reservoir:  Seepage Water Tank + Mop 

Time Scheduling: Yes 

Size of Robot (φxH,mm):  332*79 

Noise Value (dBA):  65.5/67.5 

Battery Specifications (Type, mAh):  Li-ion 2600mAH 

Working Time (min):  110/70 

Charging Time (H) about 4.5 

Rated Power of Robot (W) 25 

Working Voltage of Robot (V):  14.4 

Model No. of Charging Dock:  RC General Charging Dock 


What’s in the Box 

  • (1) EcoVac Deebot 661 Convertible Mopping Robotic Vacuum 
  • (1) Charging Dock 
  • (2) Side Brushes 
  • (1) Power Adapter 
  • (1) Reservoir 
  • (1) Cleaning Cloth 
  • (1) High Efficiency Filter 
  • (1) Cleaning Tool 


Owner’s Manual 


What do I do if the Deebot 661 dispenses very little water (if any) when mopping? 

  • Please make sure the water tank is pressed in firmly, so the robot knows it's in mopping mode. 

Can I select certain rooms to clean? 

  • No, the Deebot 661 does not have the ability to schedule certain rooms for cleaning. 

How do I make the Deebot 661 return to its charging station? 

  • To help the robot on its journey home, please make sure to place the charging dock in an area pressed up firmly against a wall with a few feet of space clear on each side. 

How do I convert my Deebot 661 to a mop? 

  • To convert the Deebot 661 to mopping mode, simply remove the dustbin and attach the water reservoir in its place. The robot will then know that it is in mopping mode rather than vacuuming. 


(1) Year Limited Warranty 

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EcoVacs Deebot 661 Convertible Mopping Robotic Vacuum

EcoVacs Deebot 661 Convertible Mopping Robotic Vacuum