Supersonic ECG PPG BP Smart Watch

For A Healthy Lifestyle

The Supersonic ECG PPG BP Smart Watch provides crucial, invaluable medical information at an affordable price point. Stay in tune with your heart health with a built-in ECG Sensor (TI 129X Medical Chip) and a PPG Heart Rate Sensor (HRS 3300). Results can then be recorded, converted into a pdf, and shown to doctors to receive accurate advice and treatment.

A full-touch display makes it easy to track your steps, calories burned, and active minutes. Calls, texts, and alarms won’t be missed during exercise, as this smart watch will alert you.

Compatible with Android 4.4 and above, and with iPhone IOS 8.0 & above. Built-in Bluetooth. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Overview/Key Features 

What are the difference between the Supersonic HR, BP, and O2 model and this one? 

Core features of monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, tracking steps, etc, are featured in both watches. However, the smart watch model provides more detailed medical information. 

  • This model has a longer battery life, up to 4 times longer. 
  • This model has a larger display. 
  • If you want more medical statistics and data, this smart watch model comes with an ECG Sensor (TI 129X Medical Chip) and PPG Heart Rate Sensor (HRS 3300). 
  • Record your medical records into a PDF and share it with a doctor with the smart watch model. 



Length:  1.6 inches 

Width: 10 inches 

Height: 0.38 inches 

Weight:  0.1 lb 


 What’s in the Box 

  • (1) Supersonic ECG PPG BP Smart Watch 


  • (90) Day Limited Warranty 
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Supersonic ECG PPG BP Smart Watch

Supersonic ECG PPG BP Smart Watch