Shark ION Robotic Vacuum R85 - Renewed

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Flooring

Change the way you clean by adding a robotic vacuum cleaner to your cleaning arsenal! Robotic vacuums are an ideal way to keep your flooring clean- while not having to take the time to break out the full size vacuum. Gone are those busy days of coming home and needing to clean. Now you can clean while you are working, taking care of the kids, or sleeping!

This Shark Ion R85 is a factory refursbished model- so you get all of the benefits protective warranty aspects but for a quarter of the price of purchasing this model brand new. This model has a phone app, an XL dust bin, and self cleaning bristles. All designed to make cleaning your flooring one less worry.

Product Information
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Product Information


Product Dimensions

  • 12.8 x 12.53 x 3.44 inches

Powerful Suction

  • With Sharks advances sensory technology, this privdes extra deep suction and cleaning power. Transitioning from hard flooring to carpeting is no longer such a strain on your battery life!

Designed for Pet Hair

  • Paired with the powerful suction and sensor technology, this model boasts an XL dust bin, and three times the amount of suction than the Shart ion Robot R75!

Phone App

  • Simply download the free shark clean app. Receive updates, create your own customized cleaning schedule, or ask your robot vacuum to clean while you are on the go. This model is also compatible with Alexa or Goole Assistant.

Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0

  • The Smart Sensor Navigation technology allows your robot to clean around and under obstacles. 

Self Cleaning Brush Roll

  • This machine also has a self cleaning brush roll. This brush rolls get all of the dirt, debris from the corners of each room. These bristles capture pet hair and debris which prevent allergens.

XL Dust Bin

  • Extra large dust bin capacity of 0.7 quarts. 

What's in the Box:

  • (1) shark ion Robot
  • (2) side brushes
  • (1) filter
  • (1) lithium ion battery
  • (1) charging dock
  • (1) 8 foot botboundary strip


1 Year Warranty through Vacuum Cleaner Market. Warranty Aspects Begin on the Date of Purchase.


Returns: If for some reason you are not satisified with your purchase, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your item. Please Click here for Return Information

Replacements: If your Shark R85 factory refurbished robotic vacuum arrives damaged or not working, we offer a hassle-free replacement service, and Vacuum Cleaner Market covers the cost of returns and reshipping. 

Factory Refurbished Models: Vacuum Cleaner Market offers a 1 year warranty for the Shark R85 Factory Refurbished robotic vacuum cleaner. All warranty aspects begin on the date of purchase. Please Click Here for contacing us if you need warranty replacements. Please have your Order # available. 

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Shark ION Robotic Vacuum R85 - Renewed

Shark ION Robotic Vacuum R85 - Renewed