SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner

Great on Hard Floors

The SEBO Felix 4 Kombi is a straight suction upright vacuum cleaner. A non electric Kombi nozzle is ideal for hard flooring surfaces as well as area rugs or limited short pile carpeting. Users can engage or disengage the bristles depending on the surface. You can take off the handle and turn the Kombi into a handheld vacuum. A generous expandable 6ft hose comes in handy when using the crevice tool and upholstery tool. The Felix Kombi comes with S-Class hospital grade filtration by utilizing 3 levels of filtration. This makes this vacuum cleaner a great option for pet owners or asthma and allergy sufferers. To help usability there are suction controls on the handle as well as 3 different height adjustments for people of all sizes. A bag sensor will also aid the customer by alerting when then the bags needs to be changes. The Felix Kombi can also be upgraded by purchasing a powerhead in the future if your flooring needs change

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Product Information

Kombi Nozzle- This is a dual purpose floor tool for both hard surface flooring and carpet / rug cleaning. The non-electric Kombi nozzle uses straight suction as well as retractable dusting bristles depending on which flooring you are cleaning. For hard surfaces the user wants to engage the bristles to help dust and carpture debris on the harder surface flooring. When cleaning carpeting or area rugs users will want to retract the bristles to help the floor tool glide across the fibrous surface.

S-Class Filtration- The Felix 4 vacuum gives users hospital grade filtration. 3 stages of filtration help trap harmful air pollutants from being released back into your home. Vacuum bags, a pre-motor filter and a final exhaust filter all play their part by gradually eliminating smaller and smaller particles of dust and dander from the air flowing through your vacuum.

Extension Hose w/ Attachments- The SEBO instant use suction hose if 6ft long allowing for great cleaning radius and convenience. The Felix Kombi comes with 2 attachments to help increase the units cleaning capacity and versatility.

Removable Handle- The removable handle makes the Kombi extremely versatile. the smaller, lighter and more compact canister can be lifted in the air to help users clean curtains, upholstered surfaces, and other areas you never would have thought with a full size vacuum.

Controls and Indicators- There is not much left up to chance with the SEBO Felix 4 Kombi vacuum cleaner. Bag indicator lights alert the user when the bag has reached its capacity. Power head height or brushroll worn indicator lights tell you when your brushroll is not turning at the proper depth for your carpeting.

Low Profile- The SEBO Kombi has a lay flat function that makes the vacuum cleaner fold itself down to a 6” height, all while maintaining full suction. This allows the vacuum to be used under beds, tables or any furniture with a low clearance height.

Warranty- SEBO gives users a 5 year warranty with the purchase of a Felix 4 Kombi vacuum cleaner. This means the user is assured of quality construction and performance. This warranty covers all labor and non wear parts costs for 5 years after purchase (vacuums used for commercial purposes not covered)

  • Suction Motor- 1300 Watts
  • Airflow (motor rating)- 102.0 CFM
  • Water Lift (motor rating)- 90 in.
  • Suction Motor Protection- Thermal
  • Bag Capacity- .92 gal.
  • Handle Weight- 3 lbs.
  • Body Weight- 15.4 lbs.
  • Variable Suction Control- Yes
  • Bare Floor Cleaning- Yes
  • Attachments - Crevice Tool , Upholstery Tool
  • Cleaning Wand Included- No
  • Cord Length/Range- 31 ft.
  • Hose Length- 6 ft.
  • S-class Filtration- Yes
  • Adjustable Handle- Yes
  • HEPA Filtration Available- No
  • Use Without Power Head- Yes
  • Brush Speed- 2700 RPM"
  • FELIX Vacuum
  • Kombi Nozzle
  • crevice tool, uphostery tool
5 years
19.0 lb
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SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner