NutriBullet Pro 900W Blender - 13 Piece Set (NB9-1301W)


The NutriBullet you know and love, but now with more power. A stronger motor and larger ounce capacity than previous models optimize the amount of nutrients extracted from ingredients by effectively crushing whole fruits and vegetables while finely chopping nuts and seeds.

Blend right into the cup and snap on one of the included lids to have a tasty and nutritious meal on the go.

Product Information
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Product Information


Length: 12.01 in 

Width: 7.72 in 

Height: 15.94 in 

Weight: 10 lb 

Capacity: 32 oz 

BPA Free: Yes 

Dishwasher Safe: Yes 

What’s in the Box 

  • (1) NutriBullet Pro 900W Blender - 13 Piece Set 
  • (1) Extractor blade, 
  • (2) 32 oz. Cup  
  • (2) To-GLid  
  • (2) Lip Ring  
  • (2) Lip Ring with Handle  
  • (1) Recipe Book 

Owner’s Manual 


Why do they emphasize adding a liquid to the fill line when using this product?  

  • If you don't use liquid the ingredients will just bounce off the blades. Regardless of what you blend, you need to use liquid so that the machine breaks down the ingredients. 


How do I care for my NutriBullet? 

  • All of the cups and lids can be hand washed and are also top rack dishwasher safe. The only things that cannot go in the dishwasher are the NutriBullet motor base and blades. 


  • (1) Year Limited Warranty 
Nutri Bullet
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NutriBullet Pro 900W Blender - 13 Piece Set (NB9-1301W)

NutriBullet Pro 900W Blender - 13 Piece Set (NB9-1301W)