NutriBullet 600W Blender - 6 Piece Set (NBR-0601)

Turn Regular Food to Super Food

The NutriBullet 600 W Blender is more than just a blender—it’s the original nutrient extractor! It’s hard to get those 3 daily cups of vegetable and fruits, but this NutriBullet will help you achieve that healthy and active lifestyle by turning those plain and flavorless ingredients into tasty smoothies and milkshakes.

A 600 watt motor combined with bullet cyclonic technology pushes any food, seeds, and nuts towards the center and into the path of the specialized blades, pureeing and effortlessly breaking down harder ingredients with one single click of a button.

Product Information
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Product Information

Overview/Key Features:

  • Compact size takes up very little space on your counter
  • Cups and lids are dishwasher safe
  • Generous 24-oz. cap
  • BPA-free

Key Features:

  • Are there any differences between the NBR-0801 and NBR-0601 model?

The NutriBullets themselves are the exact same in both models. The difference is that the NBR-801 model will come with two additional attachments: a handled comfort lip ring and a shorter 18 ounce cup.

For who is this NutriBullet best for?

  • A beginner and anyone new to blending that is looking for a basic model.


Length: 11.61 inches

Width: 6.85 inches

Height: 12.28 inches

Voltage: 120 V

Wattage: 600 W

Weight: 6 lbs

What’s in the Box:

  • (1) 600W motor base
  • (1) Extractor blade
  • (1) 24 oz cup
  • (1) To-go lid
  • (1) Lip ring 
  • (1) Recipe book

Owner’s Manual:


  • (1) Year Limited Warranty
Nutri Bullet
Part Number:
Pro NBR0601
UPC Code:
Pro NBR0601
6.0 lb
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NutriBullet 600W Blender - 6 Piece Set (NBR-0601)

NutriBullet 600W Blender - 6 Piece Set (NBR-0601)