Miele Swing H1 Tactical Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The Miele Swing H1 Tactical Stick Vacuum Cleaner is extremely versatile and lightweight. This machine can be used in addition to your vacuum cleaner, or it can be used as your main vacuum cleaner.

The beauty of this machine, is that it has electrical capabilities. Meaning, this machine can take any vacuum head that Miele makes! Including electric, carpeting powerheads. Not all Miele’s have this ability, which makes this machine extremely suitable for those whose flooring needs may change in the future. Instead of needing to purchase an entirely new machine when you move, or your flooring needs change, you can simply change your flooring attachment. Saving you time, research, and money!

We recommend this model for users who:

  • Have limited storage, as this model stores easily in tight spaces.
  • Move frequently and don’t know what their next home’s flooring needs will be.
  • Are looking for an easier solution to cleaning up messes in between cleanings.
  • Are looking for an afforable solution that gives them the option of cleaning all types of flooring

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Product Information

User Benefits: Small design makes storing this machine, easy. Machine can be stored with flooring attachments connected, or removed. This model has the ability to clean all hard flooring and limited short pile carpeting or area rugs. The long-reach cord and on board tools make total home cleaning possible. At any time, a carpeting powerhead, or a hard flooring attachment can be purchased for an even deeper clean on your surfaces.

User Cons: Lacks the ability to clean high pile carpeting with the standard, SBD Combination Floorhead included. HEPA filtration is not standard, but a HEPA or Charcoal  filter can be purchased at any time. 

SBD 285-3 Combination FloorheadThis floorhead can clean all hard flooring and limited, low pile carpeting. By pressing the lever on the floorhead with either your hand or foot, you extend bristles (to clean hard flooring), or retract bristles (to clean low pile carpeting). A combination floorhead is especially easy to use for in-between cleanings, or when you need to quickly clean and don’t want to switch vacuum floorheads. 

Multi Head Connection - The Swing H1 Tactical has the ability to use any flooring attachment Miele makes- electric powerheads for carpeting, and all of Miele’s air driven flooring attachments. Making this machine extrmemly versatile, and able to grow with changing flooring needs. 

Miele KK Dustbag - This model comes pre-installed with 1, Miele KK AirClean HEPA filtered vacuum bag. 

Integrated Tool Storage - The crevice and upholstery tools are stored on the machine itself. No more losing your vacuum attachments, and they are always within reach. 

What Do You Mean This Machine Can Take “Any” Floorhead Miele Makes?

This machine can take any Miele cleaning or flooring attachment that Miele makes! Any electric carpeting powerhead, and any cleaning or air driven attachment that Miele makes. Miele designed this machine to be extremely versatile for those who needed a total home cleaning machine- but stored in a limited amount of space. 

Does This Machine Have Height Adjustment?

You can adjust the wand/handle height of this machine to accomodate users of varying heights. If you are looking for a carpeting height adjustment, this adjustment would be done via the carpeting powerhead itself, not the machine.

Can I adjust the Suction on This Machine?

You can choose from either “Min” or “Max” suction on this machine. This suction control setting is located on the handle of the machine. 

How Does This Model Stand?

This model does not stand on its own, unless it is attached to a carpeting powerhead. The angle in which the picture was taken was to showcase as many of the vacuum features at once. If you do not have a carpeting powerhead attached, then this model would need to rest against a wall to stand upright. 

This Model Has a 1 Year All-Inclusive Warranty- This Includes Both Parts and Labor

This Model Also Has a 7 Year Motor and Casing Warranty- This Includes Both Parts and Labor.

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Miele Swing H1 Tactical Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Swing H1 Tactical Stick Vacuum Cleaner