Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush

Compatible With any Miele Model

The Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush is compatible with any Miele vacuum model. This dusting brush does not pivot or turn. This dusting brush has 2 layers of 1" synthetic bristles to reach deep into vents, radiators, baseboards, crown molding, the tops of books... just about anything! This tool is the perfect addition to your Miele

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Product Information

This accessory allows you to clean hard to reach areas, such as heater/air conditioning vents, books, and hard to dust furniture- the list is endless! The double row of 1" long synthetic bristles allow a longer, more effective cleaning reach. This tool can be used with any Miele model. This tool can attach to the end of your vacuum wand, or to the base of your handle. 

Features Include:

  • Dual bristles around the entire accessory
  • Sturdy and high-quality synthetic material
  • Fits directly onto the handles of Miele Canister vacuum cleaners

(1) Miele SUB 10 Universal Dusting Tool

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Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush

Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush