Miele SCC10 Car Care Accessory Kit

Turn Your Vacuum into a Detailing Machine!

The Miele SCC10 Car Care Kit turns any Miele vacuum into a versatile car detailing machine.

This kit includes 4 attachments, all made to give you the deepest clean on your surfaces. The flexible hose extension allows more reach with your vacuum hose. The handlheld upholstery tool has an air driven spinning brushroll, ideal for tackling debris on upholstered surfaces. The long, flexible crevice tool allows you to reach deep into those car depths to grab all dirt and particles you can't reach with an ordinary attachment. The dusting brush is the most gentle dusting brush Miele makes. This brush will be safe on all surfaces, and will not damage or scratch leather, or delicate interior, and with it's long bristles, will clean deep into cracks and crevices. All these accessories are stored in a carrying kit for easy storage. 

Genuine Miele Kit: Model SCC10

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Product Information

This Kit Comes With the Following 4 Cleaning Accessories, Stored in a Carrying Case:

Miele SFS10 Flexible Suction Hose Extension: This Hose extension adds an additonal 4 feet of cleaning reach to your vacuum hose. This extension is especially handy for reaching high areas, reaching around large obstacles, and getting into hard to reach areas with less outlet changes. This Accessory is ONLY Compatible with Straight Suction Hoses (Non-Electric Models), and Not 200 or 300 Series Models or Upright Models. If you have an electric powered Miele, you can use all accessories in this kit, minus this hose extension. Call for any questions regarding this. 

Miele SFD20K Flexible Crevice Tool: This crevice tool is especially unique. It comes apart in 3 pieces, allowing you to choose the length for what you need to clean. This tool also bends in any direction, so you can get deep down into the cracks and crevices of your cars to get the deepest and most thorough clean. This tool can be used with any Miele model. 

Miele STB 20 Mini Turbo Hand Tool - Flexible: This tool is great on all upholstered surfaces. It's swivel design allows it to easily manuever around, and over curves and corners. This tool has an air-driven spinning brushroll inside it, making picking up debris and pet hair quick and easy. This tool can be used with any Miele model. 

Miele SUB 20 Swivel Universal Dusting BrushOur Favorite Dusting Brush! This accessory rotates and spins, allowing you to pivot, and angle it to what you are cleaning. This bristles are gentle enough to not damage leather or delicate interiors, yet durable and long enough to get into those hard to reach areas such as air vents and controls with ease. This tool is also great in the home, and is our choice for delicate furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, crown molding and bookshelves. This tool can be used with any Miele model.




  • SFS 10 Mini suction hose
  • SFD 20 Short flexible crevice tool
  • STB 20 Compact flexible hand turbo brush
  • SUB 20 Universal dust brush

(1) Flexible Hose Extension

(1) Short Flexible Crevice Tool

(1) Compact Flexible Hand Turbo Tool

(1) Universal Dusting Brush

All Stored in a Carrying Case

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5.0 lb
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Miele SCC10 Car Care Accessory Kit

Miele SCC10 Car Care Accessory Kit