Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Zero Effort Cleaning

The Miele RX1 Scout robot vacuum cleaner is the first robotic vacuum cleaner Miele has made. Remember the Miele Scout is made to accompany your regular full size vacuum cleaner, not replace it. Miele has set themselves apart in the robotic vacuum cleaner industry by introducing a couple special features. First off the Miele robotic vacuum uses smart systematic cleaning where many of its competitors use a random pattern system. This helps ensure that all parts of your flooring are cleaning without the chance of “randomly” missing dirty areas. Four different cleaning modes can be used enabling the Miele Scout to do the exact custom clean job you so desire. A long life battery gives users up to 2 full hrs of cleaning (estimated 1600 sq ft) before automatically returning to charger. Finally the RX1 Scout comes with a remote control that can manually steer and control almost all of the robots functions. The Miele RX1 Scout robotic vacuum cleaner gives users power, convenience and all the new technologies in a sleek looking unit.

Product Information
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Product Information

User Benefits: Clean while your not hone, watching TV or anytime really. Multiple features and expanded cleaning ability make it one of the most advanced robots on the market. 

User Cons: Cannot replace your full size vacuum. Cannot deep clean or filter your homes air like the other wold class Miele vacuums. Not good on med to high pile carpeting. 

Smart Navigation

Gyro Sensor and Ceiling Camera- The sensor and camera carefully map out the path you Miele RX1 Scout is going to take around the room and all its obstacles.

7 Sensor System- Each sensor helps recognize walls, furniture and other obstacles helping to limit the amount of “touches” made in your home.

Stair Detection- Special sensors help the Scout identify stairs and steer away from them. You never have to worry about your unit falling down the stairs

Triple Cleaning System

Powerful Suction- The Miele RX1 robotic vacuum has powerful suction and a generous 22oz debris collection bin.

Turbo Brush- A bottom brushroll effectively removes debris from the flooring into the collection bin.

Dual Side Brushes- These gentle side brushes collect dust and debris even from corners and hard to reach places. The debris is then slid under the unit where the brushroll can then capture it.

Relentless Power

Extended Cleaning Time- The Scout has generous 2hr clean time capabilities.

Large Cleaning Surface- This Miele robotic can clean up to an estimated 1600 sq ft.

4 Variations of Clean

Auto Mode- Cleans rooms using smart navigation in a systematic way. Runs until it’s battery is low or entire area is clean and then returns to its base to charging.

Corner Mode- This mode cleans all corners in the room and then returns to the base for charging.

Spot Mode- When on this setting, the Miele RX1 Scout will clean a 6 sq ft area around the unit

Turbo Mode- This setting allows for 50% faster cleaning than the standard “Auto Mode”. The spacing between lines is larger allowing for 2x as fast cleaning and then the unit will return to the base.


AirClean Filters- Like any true Miele Vacuum, the Scout RX1 comes with replaceable filters to help protect your robots motor and filter the air being released into your home.

Magnetic Strips- These strips can be laid under rugs, carpet, furniture or anywhere you do not want the Scout to go. Your Miele robotic will arrive to the strips and intentionally avoid the area that they outline.

Remote Control- You can basically control every function of your Miele RX1 Scout from your remote control. You can turn your unit on/off, change cleaning modes, return the unit back to base, set the timer or even manually control the unit like a remote controlled car. 

2 Year Warranty- The Miele Scout has one of the longest warranties in the robotic vacuum industry. 2 year parts and motor and a 1 year battery give you coverage you can count on. Miele also has warranty centers across the United states that can help maintain your unit. Many other robotic vacuum companies cannot offer this. 

  • Gyro sensors
  • Ceiling camera
  • 7 Sensors
  • Stair detection sensors
  • Powerful Suction
  • Turbo brush
  • Dual side brushes
  • Extended cleaning time
  • Large cleaning surface
  • 4 Cleaning modes
  • AirClean air filtration
  • Magnetic boundary strips
  • Remote control
  • 2 yr warranty w/ 1 yr battery coverage
  • Miele RX1 Scout
  • Remote
  • Charging Station
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Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum Cleaner