Miele CM 6150 Lotus White Coffee Maker

A Coffee Machine that will Look Great on Anyone’s Countertop

The Miele brand lives up to its name with this luxurious and sleek coffee machine that will look great on anyone’s countertop. The coffee produced is just as inviting as the machine itself, catering to those die-hard coffee lovers by providing 8 different drink specialties that will leave them wondering whether it came from their home or a fancy cafe.

A Personal Touch:

Designed to fit your personal taste, the CM6150 allows up to ten individual profiles with unique settings, such as temperature and water amount, for a truly customizable coffee experience. It is also equipped with Miele’s convenient OneTouch for Two feature, which is as simple to use as its name—a single touch of a button will leave you with two warm cups of coffee.

Genuine Miele Product. New, Never Used:10662810

Product Information
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Product Information

Key Features:

  • Coffee Pot Function - Make up to 8 cups of coffee at one time 

  • Backsplash color to enhance design 

  • DirectSensor Control Panel with 4 row text display 

  • Program up to 4 User Profiles with individual settings for portion size, strength, brewing temperature & more 

  • OneTouch and OneTouch for Two function - make one or two servings at the touch of a button 

  • Brewing specialties - One or two servings of espresso, coffee, long coffee, ristretto, cappuccino, latté macchiato, cafe latté, hot milk & milk froth 

  • Second type of coffee possible using ground coffee 

  • Height adjustable coffee spout 3.15" — 5.5" 

  • Easy cleaning with a dishwasher-safe drip tray, removable brew unit and Automatic Cleaning programs


Cleaning Convenience:

Most parts are removable and can either be hand washed or put in the dishwasher, but not much cleaning is expected with this machine’s built in automatic cleaning cycle.

Construction Type and Design:
  • Countertop bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • Color: Lotus White

Consumer Benefits:

  • AromaticSystem
  • OneTouch preparation
  • One Touch and OneTouch for Two
  • Programmable User profile
  • Grinding grade selectable
  • Additional coffee types in ground coffee form possible
  • Ground quantity programmable
  • Water quantity programmable
  • Water temperature programmable
  • Amount of milk can be programmed
  • Amount of milk froth can be programmed
  • Pre-brewing programmable
  • Ristretto, single
  • Ristretto, double
  • Espresso, single
  • Coffee, single
  • Coffee, double
  • Long coffee, single
  • Long coffee, double
  • Cappuccino, single
  • Cappuccino, double
  • Latte macchiato, single
  • Latte macchiato, double
  • Hot milk, single
  • Latte macchiato, double
  • Milk froth, single
  • Milk froth, double
  • Caffè latte, single
  • Caffè latte, double
  • Coffee pot
Control Panel
  • Control Panel: Direct Sensor
  • Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout max in in.(cm) : 5 5/8 (14.0)
  • MultiLingua
  • No. of bean types: 1
  • No. of bean containers: 1
  • Bean container capacity, each in oz (g): 300
  • Bean container capacity, total in oz (g): 10.58 (300)
  • Capacity of water container in fl oz (l): 60.87 (1.8)
  • Capacity of waste container in servings: 10
  • Drip tray capacity in fl oz (l): 27.05 (0.8)
  • Easily accessible containers
  • Programmable switch-on time
  • Programmable switch-on time
  • Programmable switch-off time
  • Programmable stand-by time
Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Energy-saving Eco mode option

Cleaning Convenience

  • Manual descaling
  • Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework from the water container
  • Convenient cleaning programs
  • Auto-Off function
  • ComfortClean
  • Removable milk pipework
  • Removable brew unit
  • System Lock
Technical Data:
  • Niche width max in in.(mm): 17 3/4 (450)
  • Niche height min in in.(mm): 20 (508)
  • Niche height max in in.(mm): 20 (508)
  • Niche depth in in.(mm): 21 7/8 (555)
  • Appliance width in in.(mm): 10 (251)
  • Applicance height in in.(mm): 14 1/4 (359)
  • Appliance depth in in.(mm): 16 7/8 (427)
  • Total connected load in kW: 1.45
  • Voltage in V: 120
  • Fuse rating in A: 15
  • Number of phases:1
  • Length of electrical wire in ft (m): 4 (1.4)

What’s Inside the Box:

(1) Lotus White Miele CM6150 coffee machine

(6) Descaling tablets

(10) Cleaning tablets 

(1) Coffee spoon for ground coffee


(2) Year All Inclusive Warranty. Begins date of purchase


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26.9 lb
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Miele CM 6150 Lotus White Coffee Maker

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