Miele B 3312 FashionMaster Ironing System

Professional Ironing Results

Miele’s FashionMaster Ironing System presents a high-quality, professional level of ironing. The iron’s honeycomb design is unique to Miele, which helps the iron glide smoothly over laundry. The FashionMaster gives more than just hot air3.5 bar steam pressure and constant steam combined with inflation and suction function considerably reduces ironing time, but not the quality of it.

Miele truly thought of every detail to provide a smooth ironing process, on and off the board. 3 minutes of inactivity activates the Cool Down function, while 15 minutes turns off the iron completely to give you peace of mind. Once your clothes have that flawless finish to them, use the exclusive 2 step system to easily close the iron and wheel it to storage using the castor wheels.

Worried you might not remember all these great features? A guided first time use program will show you everything you need to know, including descaling!

Product Information
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Product Information

Overview/Key Features 

  • Automatic Rinsing 
  • Automatic Descaling: Fill the descaler and simply push the button! 
  • Long lasting: The water container holds up 1.25 gallons. 
  • Variable height adjustment means anyone can use this ironing system, from the smallest to the tallest—with no back pain.  
  • Iron multi-layered items  
  • Large ironing board eliminates the need for adjusting clothing 



Iron Color:Anthracite/Gray 

Display:                   1-zeiliges Text Display 

Honeycomb Soleplate:Yes 

Steam Pressure in Bar:3.50 

Steam Quantity in g/min:100 

Vertical Steam:Yes 

Steam Starting from Temperature Level:2 

Steam Burst:Yes 

Continuous Steam:Yes 

Lift Function:Yes 

Non-Stick Soleplate:Yes 

Water Container Volume in Liters:1.25 

Removable Water Container:Yes 

Permanently Refillable Water Container:Yes 

Iron Multi-layered Items:Yes 


1-2 Lift System:Yes 

Infinitely Variable Height Adjustment in mm and in:830-1020 

Castors Gentle on Floor:Yes 

Ironing Board with Comfort Zone:Yes 

Automatic Blower On/Off:Yes 

Language Options:Yes 

Guided First Time Use:Yes 

Guided Descaling:Yes 

Automatic Descaling:Yes 

Auto-Off Function:Yes 

Storage Compartment for Iron:Yes 

Storage Compartment for Mains Lead and Accessories:Yes 

Cool Down Function:Yes 

Width:18 inches 

Height:38 inches 

Depth:58 inches 

Width, Folded Up:18 inches 

Height, Folded Up:50 inches 

Depth, Folded Up:14 inches 

Iron Surface Area in mm² and in²:120 x 40 

Frequency in Hz:60 


What’s in the Box 

  • Miele B 3312 FashionMaster Ironing System 
  • Non-Stick Soleplate 
  • Steam Hose Holder 
  • Test Strips for Determining Water Hardness 
  • Descaling Tablets 

Owner’s Manual 


  • (2) Year Limited Warranty 
Part Number:
B 3312
UPC Code:
73.0 lb
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Miele B 3312 FashionMaster Ironing System

Miele B 3312 FashionMaster Ironing System