Honeywell TC10PEU Compact Evaporative Tower Air Cooler with Spot Fan & Humidifier (White)


This compact air cooler comes with portable wheels for cost-effective spot cooling! 

In stylish white, this evaporative air cooler is small and discrete at only 2 feet tall. This energy efficient air cooler consumes only 50 watts of power, saving you money! 

Cheaper and more energy-efficient than air conditioners, Honeywell air coolers do not have a compressor that uses up extra energy to cool your home. 

Similar to an ocean breeze, air coolers provide a comfortable, cool stream of air using the natural process of water evaporation. Warm air is drawn into the cooler and filtered through a wet honeycomb cooling medium, which absorbs heat. This naturally cools and humidifies the air, while the fan pushes the cool air outward. 

Evaporative air coolers are ideal for dry climates with a maximum humidity of 60% or less. 

1 Year Warranty. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Key Features: 

  • Cost-Efficient: save money on your energy bill compared to air conditioners that use more energy to operate 
  • Powerful Airflow: enjoy 194 CFM air flow that instantly cools medium spaces
  • Low Energy Consumption: only uses 50 watts of power
  • Humidistat Control: adjust the level of humidity in your room
  • Portable wheels: move your machine around the house with built-in caster wheels
  • Best for: spot cooling and humidifying 


Height: 29.6 in 

Width: 11.6 in 

Depth: 11.5 in 

Weight: 11.2 lbs 

Fan Speeds: Low, Medium, High 

Filter: Washable 

Water Tank: 2.6 gallons 

Air Flow:  194 CFM 

Power Consumption: 50 watts 

Built-in Wheels:  Yes 

Additional Features: Remote Control, Touch-Panel Controls 

Safety Features: Auto Shut-off 

Color: White 

What’s in the Box: 

  • (1) Honeywell TC10PEU Compact Evaporative Tower Air Cooler with Spot Fan & Humidifier (White) 
  • (1) Remote Control 

For a copy of the owner's manual, please click here.


How can I improve the performance of my Air Cooler? 

  • Ensure adequate cross ventilation by opening doors or windows in the same room as your air cooler.  
  • Evaporative Air Coolers are more effective in environments with maximum relative humidity of 60% or less. If you live in a humid location, air coolers can still be a welcomed, energy saving cooling mechanism for your home by scheduling the air cooler to switch on at specific, drier times during the day.  

What is Honeycomb cooling media and how does it help in cooling the air? 

  • Honeywell air coolers use a proprietary Honeycomb Cooling Media. This matrixed irrigation pad is the powerhouse behind the evaporative cooler. Its extensive surface area allows for ample water saturation, which in turn offers plenty of evaporation and evaporative cooling. 

 Can I use an air cooler while running central air or central heat? 

  • An evaporative air cooler can reduce the need to solely rely on costly central air to cool down your home. The air cooler can assist in circulating central air throughout the room, as well as boosting the air conditioner's cooling action. Less air conditioning translates into more cost-savings. The air cooler will also help by adding moisture to air that is over-dried by air conditioning. During the winter, air coolers can also be set to a low fan speed to act as a humidifier, alleviating the drying effects of central heat by adding humidity to the air. 

 How do I prevent mildew and bacteria? 

  • To avoid mildew or bacteria, you can add a small amount of vinegar to the water tank. Alternatively, you can purchase a specialized bacteriostatic water treatment - easily available online. Also, be sure to follow best maintenance practices, by letting the cooler run on fan-only mode for 15 minutes after using evaporative cooling, to dry out the honeycomb pad and prevent mildew. 


  • (1) Year Warranty 
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Honeywell TC10PEU Compact Evaporative Tower Air Cooler with Spot Fan & Humidifier (White)

Honeywell TC10PEU Compact Evaporative Tower Air Cooler with Spot Fan & Humidifier (White)