Dyson V11 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Effortless Cleaning without a Bag or Cord

The Dyson V11 Animal Stick Vacuum is a bagless, cordless vacuum which is lightweight and desgned with pet owners in mind. The powerful V11 motor deliveres *extra* suction power, and the LCD screen displays machine performance in real time: run time countdown, power mode in use (Eco/Auto/Boost). This model features Dyson's new and imporoved battery, offering a much longer run time of 60 Minutes (with use without motorized accessories).

This pet model comes with an additonal motorized head specifically designed for cleaning pet hair off of upholstered surfaces. We love this attachment for couches, stairs and automobiles. All attachments can be used with the machine in the stick vacuum configuration or in the handheld vacuum configuration. Paired with fade-free power, and the ability to control your battery life, this machine is ideal for a deep down clean - or just an everyday quick pick-up.

This unit filters out 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns and larger, making it an ideal model for those with air quality concerns and allergens / asthma. This unit weighs 6.68 pounds operational weight. This is a genuine Dyson product that is new, never used.

Product Information
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Product Information

This machine comes standard with a washable and resuable filter. This filter is resuable for 20 washes, and it is recommended that you clean this filter per the manufacturers instructions monthly. After 20 washes, we recommend replacing this filter to ensure your vacuum motor is stress free and your machine is filtering your air at peak performance. 

Key Features:

Powerful cleaning on floors and carpets
An integrated digital motor spins the brush bar up to 60 times a second. It drives stiff nylon bristles deep into carpet to remove dirt, and carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust on hard floors.

LED Screen:
Displays cleaning modes and lets you switch easily between Eco, Auto and Boost.

The right cleaning mode for the right task:
Three cleaning modes optimized for a variety of tasks. The right balance of power and run time, where you need it.

Integrated power management system:
Dyson's battery technology and battery-saving trigger help to provide our longest run time by only using power when you need it.

'Point and shoot' hygienic bin emptying:
The 'point and shoot' mechanism hygienically ejects dust and debris deep into your bin, in one action – so there's no need to touch the dirt. 

Drop-in docking:
The Dyson V11™ vacuum drops into the wall-mounted dock, to charge it and tidily store tools. So it's ready to grab and go.

Powered by a Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor:
Twice the suction of any cordless vacuum.¹
¹Tested at the cleaner head to ASTM F558, dust loaded.

Fade-free power:
The seven-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminum click-in battery has the fade-free power to clean here, there and everywhere around your home.

14 cyclones:
14 cyclones generate forces of more than 79,000g to fling microscopic particles – such as pollen and bacteria – into the bin.

Whole-machine filtration:
The fully-sealed filtration system traps 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns  – expelling cleaner air.

Acoustically engineered:
Designed to absorb vibrations and dampen noise, to keep sound levels down.

In-line configuration:
The motor, bin and cyclone are aligned, so air is drawn into the cyclones in a straight line – helping to create powerful Dyson suction.


  • Weight: 6.68 pounds
  • Charge Time: 4.5 Horus (inital charge)
  • Cyclone Technology: 14 Concentric Cyclones
  • Filtration: Advanced Whole-Machine Filtration
  • Bin Volume: 0.2 gallons
  • Run Time: Up to 60 minutes* (without use of motorized accessories)
  • Cleaner Head: High Torque

Addional Features:

  • High Torque cleaner head: Adapts to different flooring types (when in Auto Mode)
  • 40% more suction power than the Dyson V8 cord-free
  • Whole-machine filtration captures 99.97% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Up to 60 minutes of fade-free floor cleaning
  • 14 cyclones generate forces of more than 79.000g to fling microscopic particles into the bin
  • Transforms into a handheld unit for hard to reach cleaning
  • Low Profile: Reaches under low furniture
  • Easy to Empty, Hygenic Bin: Point and shoot dirt ejector
  • Improved Noise Level: Acoustically engineered to operate at a lower sound decibel 

What's in the Box:

  • High Torque Cleaner Head
  • Mini Motorized Tool
  • Combination Tool (dusting brush and upholstery tool combo)
  • Crevice Tool
  • Stubborn Dirt Brush
  • Wand Storage Clip
  • Docking Station
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Vacuum Cleaner and Wand 

Warranty Info:

2 years from Date of Purchase 

Part Number:
UPC Code:
6.68 lb
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Dyson V11 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V11 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner