Brentwood 1000w Single Electric Hotplate

Lightweight & Portable

Ideal for studio apartments, college dorm rooms, or on-the-go cooking, this powerful 1,000-watt hotplate frees up limited counterspace in your kitchen! 

Lightweight and portable at only 4 pounds, this portable hotplate comes with an adjustable temperature knob for simple, even heating.  

Safety features included auto shut-off, non-slip feet and a power indicator light. Place this hotplate virtually anywhere you have a power outlet nearby. 

Product Information
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Product Information

Lightweight & Portable: at 4 pounds, this hotplate is easy to place on any table, countertop, or desk. 


Nonslip Feet: the unit remains grounded even on shaky ground or tables. 


Adjustable Heating Knob: adjust the temperature of your hotplate up to 5 levels for even heating. 


1,000 watts of power: from boiling water to frying chicken, this hotplate gets piping hot enough to perform every cooking task. 

Height: 3.25 inches 

Width: 10 inches 

Depth: 10.5 inches 

Weight: 4.4 pounds 

Color:  Black 

Material: Metal, Chrome 

Power: 1,000 watts 

Safety Features: Auto shutoff, Nonslip feet, power indicator 

  • (1) Brentwood 1000w Single Electric Hotplate 
  • (1) Owner’s Manual 

How large is the burner? 

  • The burner is 7.5 inches in diameter. 


Will this hotplate boil water? 

  • Yes, but we recommend using it only for single-person use. Cooking or boiling in large quantities will not work for this hotplate
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4.4 lb
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Brentwood 1000w Single Electric Hotplate

Brentwood 1000w Single Electric Hotplate