Boma 3-Piece Cookware Set

Dishwasher Safe Set

This Boma 3-Piece Cookware Set comes with a 2 Quart 2-Tier Pasta Steamer and Saucepan Set, a 3.5 Quart 2-Piece Colander Strainer with Container, and 2-Piece 5-Quart Stock Pot which are all made of durable stainless steel. 

The strainer set is perfect for straining bone broth and vegetable stock easily; the flat strainer bottom with no holes allows you to directly place it on counters without creating a mess. Use the hearty 5-quart stock pot to whip up a delicious stew. An aluminum base promises even heat distribution while the double grip handle makes it easy to lift and transport, whether it’s to the table or sink. 

The final and most innovative piece in this cookware set is the 2-Tier Pasta Steamer and Saucepan, perfect for taking care of multiple kitchen tasks in the same pot. Steam homemade noodles or delicious dumplings while you cook soup or sauce at the same time 

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Product Information

Key Features: 

  • Rust-Resistant: made with 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel that does not discolor, react with food, or alter flavors. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy to swipe clean or can be thrown in the dishwasher. 


Container Width:  10.4 inches  

Container Height:  4.25 inches  

Strainer Width:  8.5 inches  

Strainer Height:  4.1 inches   

Stock Pot Length:  13 inches  

Stock Pot Width:  9.3 inches  

Stock Pot Height:  7 inches

What’s in the Box: 

  • (1) 2 Quart 2-Tier Pasta Steamer and Saucepan Set 
  • (1) 3.5 Quart 2-Piece Colander Strainer with Container 
  • (1) 2-Piece 5-Quart Stock Pot 


What is special about 304 food grade stainless steel?  

  • This high-quality version of stainless steel is resistant to rusting/corrosion and, as a result, does not alter the flavors of your food over time. It also makes this cookware dishwasher safe.  

Does any aluminum layer touch the food?  

  • No, the aluminum is on the outside to conduct heat. The interior is stainless steel and does not react with food. 

Will spaghetti, angel hair pasta, or any other thin food go through the holes of the strainer?  

  • No, this strainer is designed to provide fast drainage without letting food slip through. 

Does the strainer have holes or pores at the bottom?  

  • No, the strainer does not have a porous bottom, but the holes go all the way down the sides to the edge of the bottom. 
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Boma 3-Piece Cookware Set

Boma 3-Piece Cookware Set