Bene Casa Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Cast Iron

For camping trips and at-home grilling, the Bene Casa Reversible Cast Iron Griddle is great for any occasion! 

Made of fine grain cast iron, this griddle heats up fast in the oven and on most stovetops. Simply place the griddle over two stove burners to cook or grill food to perfection! 

Feel safe with two easy-grip handles that make moving your griddle safe and easy. Save space in your kitchen by handing your griddle by its handles. 

Enjoy two grill surfaces in one griddle: flat and ribbed. Cook fluffy pancakes with the flat side or grill hot dogs with the ribbed side for classic grill marks. 

Stovetops compatible: Camping Stove, Open Flame, Gas, Electric, Induction. 

Oven safe.  

Product Information
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Product Information
  • Indoor & Outdoor Grilling 
  • Cast Iron 
  • Easy-Grip Handles 
  • Stovetop Safe 
  • Oven Safe 

Stove Type Compatibility:  Gas, Electric, Glass, Induction 

Height: 1.5 inches 

Width: 15 inches 

Depth: 9 inches 

PFOA Free: Yes 

PFTE Free: Yes 

Stovetops Compatible: All Stovetops 

Material: Aluminum Core 

Color:  Black 

Non-Stick: Yes 

Oven Safe:  Yes 

Dishwasher Safe: Yes 

  • (1) Bene Casa Reversible Cast Iron Griddle  

How do I clean this cast iron griddle? 

  • Oil it when you use it and when done cooking. Let it cool and wash with warm soapy water. Dry well. Every now and then season it by applying oil and baking for 15 min or so. 


What are the dimensions of the griddle? 

  • 15” x 9” 


How do I use this on stovetop? 

  • Place this griddle over two burners. 
Bene Casa
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Bene Casa Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Bene Casa Reversible Cast Iron Griddle