Bene Casa 2 Quart Aluminum Saucepan

Double Spouts for Pouring

The Bene Casa 2 Quart Aluminum Saucepan features a wooden handle to comfortably stir sauces, soups, risotto, and more. The small diameter bottom of the pan is ideal for low heat temperature cooking over long durations, perfect for delicate foods. 

Aluminum construction ensures consistent cooking of foods, as heat is distributed evenly across the bottom and sides of the pan. Double spouts combined with the ergonomic handle have pouring the dish the easiest cooking task. 

It's 2 quart capacity and easy storage options make this the go to saucepan in your kitchen, as it makes heating ingredients and serving up sauces a simple task. 

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Product Information


Width:  13 inches 

Height: 3.5 inches 

Length (Including Handle):  13 inches 

Capacity:  2 Quarts 

Primary Material:  Aluminum 

Plys (Layers of Metal):  2-Ply 

Lid(s) Included:  No 

Stove Type Compatibility:  Gas; Electric Coil Cook Top; Electric Smooth Top 

Oven Safe:  No 

Product Care and Cleaning:  Dishwasher Safe 

Handle Material Type:  Aluminum 

Cool Touch Handle(s):  Yes 

Scratch Resistant (Metal Utensil Safe):  Yes 

Stackable / Space Saving:  Yes 

Stovetop Safe:  Yes 

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  • (1) Bene Casa 2 Quart Aluminum Saucepan 
Bene Casa
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Bene Casa 2 Quart Aluminum Saucepan

Bene Casa 2 Quart Aluminum Saucepan