The Best Small Vacuums in 2021 For Your Apartment


Living in a small space means that there’s less space for dust to go - without regular maintenance you’ll soon be buried. Not to mention if you’re a pet owner dealing with dog hair or cat hair since our furry friends show their love by shedding their hair on every couch and in every hard-to-reach crevice. 


Since your storage is at a premium, you’re going to need a small vacuum - but small doesn’t mean weak. Today’s modern canister vacuums and stick vacuums have the power of Mighty Mouse. Dust bunnies will quake in fear as you rev your vacuum into high gear. 


Let’s take a deeper look at the power of today’s small vacuums and our list of the best small vacuum cleaners for your apartment.


Why We Love Small Vacuums - And You Will Too


Don’t judge a small vacuum by its size. Like David vs. Goliath, these small vacuums can tackle even the most giant messes. Small vacuums are great because they’re easy to store, easy to maneuver in a small space, versatile and powerful.


Easy to Store


If you’re in a small apartment in a dense urban center, you probably don’t have enough storage space for everything you own, let alone a large upright vacuum. It’s largely these living situations that launched the small vacuum revolution.


Stick vacuums can be tucked away in the same corner of your closet you’d reserve for a broom, or mounted on the wall in its charging station. Canister vacuums similarly are easy to roll and store underneath your coats in your front closet, or at the bottom of a storage cupboard. Canister vacuums get an extra point in the storage category as well because often their accessories are stored directly inside the unit.


Easy to Maneuver


Managing your desire for new furniture without completely using up your tiny space is tricky. With space at a premium, a small vacuum is a necessity to work around your coffee table and ottoman without crashing into something at every turn.


Cordless vacuums are great no matter how much space you’re working with. You won’t have to deal with navigating the cord around your tight space, and a fully charged battery should more than cover the amount of territory in a 600-800 sq. ft. apartment with no issue.




Aside from being small, these vacuums also have a lot of utility. Stick vacuums, for example, can easily transition into a hand vacuum, so you can easily clean your upholstery or give the interior of your car a cleansing. 


Both stick and canister vacuum lines have a variety of accessories and vacuum heads you can use for any dusting situation and every type of space.



Lastly, rest assured that these vacuums pack a wallop. Whether you’re looking at a cyclonic stick vacuum or a 12 AMP motor bagged vacuum, you’ll be able to get dust and dirt out of all its hiding places.


Whether bagged or bagless, there’s a vacuum on our list to suit your needs and budget.


The Best Small Vacuum Cleaners For Your Apartment

We put this list together based on our own testing and customer feedback. If you aren’t seeing what you’re looking for, contact our vacuum specialists and we’ll be more than happy to match you with the vacuum of your dreams.

Shark IX140 Rocket Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum


If you’re looking for a versatile, lightweight vacuum for your everyday needs, the Shark Rocket Cordless Stick Vacuum is the vacuum for you! 


Need to remove pet hair from your couch? This pet-friendly vacuum transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner in seconds! Perfect for cleaning upholstery or bedding and hard to reach spaces. 


Tired of lugging a heavy vacuum around your house? At a weight of only 7.5 lbs with the battery installed, this vacuum is able to clean all floor surfaces with 4 different suction settings: Bare Floor Mode, Carpet Mode, Hand Vacuum Mode, and Hand Vacuum Boost Mode. 

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive Stick Vacuum’s powerful V11 motor delivers extra suction power, and the LCD screen displays machine performance in real-time. This model features Dyson's new and improved battery, offering a much longer run time of 60 Minutes (with use without motorized accessories).


This machine comes standard with 3 specialty cleaning attachments and a combination / dual-function cleaning attachment for both hard flooring and low pile carpeting. Specialty cleaning attachments can be used with the unit in either the handheld or full stick vacuum configuration. The design of this machine is low-profile and easy to clean under furniture or hard to reach areas. 


This unit is definitely one of the best vacuums for small apartments. It also filters out 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns and larger, making it ideal for those with air quality concerns and allergens/asthma.

Titan T9200 Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Power Nozzle


The Titan T9200 bagged canister vacuum is perfect for mixed flooring. This model comes standard with HEPA filtration which is also paired with a HEPA vacuum bag. A 26-foot cord and a telescoping wand with a 7-foot hose allow you to clean hard to reach areas. This model has a 12 AMP commercial-grade motor, integrated tool storage, and you have the ability to control your carpeting power head brush roll by an on/off button. 


A separate hard flooring attachment gives you the best clean on any hard surface flooring. We love this model for how light it is and its HEPA filtration.

SEBO Airbelt K2 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner


The SEBO Airbelt K2 Kombi canister vacuum is ideal for low pile carpeting and all hard flooring. Included is SEBO's dual-function Kombi nozzle flooring attachment to clean both hardwood floors and area rugs by the flip of a switch. Users can engage a set of bristles when cleaning hard surfaces and retract them when gliding over carpeting.


The onboard S-class air-filtration utilizes three layers of dust and allergen-catching protection. The long 37 ft cleaning radius helps make cleaning as painless as possible. 3 onboard tools allow for deeper cleaning between, underneath, and on furniture and surfaces. 


To help make storage easy there is a parking feature located on the bottom of the unit. Combined with the cord winder, the compact canister takes up a minimal amount of storage space, which makes it a top contender on our list of best small canister vacuums.


Miele Complete C3 Calima SGFE0 Canister Vacuum


The Calima is perfect for users with mostly hard flooring and low-medium pile carpeting/area rugs.


This model comes standard with HEPA filtration and is completely sealed making it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers and one of the best small vacuums for pet hair. The Calima's two different flooring attachments can clean a variety of bare floors. The carpeting floor head contains a spinning brush roll, ideal for getting a deep clean on your carpeting and area rugs. The hard flooring head simultaneously dusts and vacuums all hard flooring surfaces. 


Integrated tool storage and one-touch suction controls make adjusting suction levels, cleaning, and storing your machine effortless.