Ready for School Shenanigans and Messes? 


With such a long period of not going to school in person, we might have a hard time getting back to our usual routines, or even forget some parts of it! While there’s surely some excitement building for that sense of normalcy once again, there’s something else building and growing – tons of dirt, debris, and dust bunnies! 

There's never been a better time to buy a vacuum cleaner so you’re properly prepared for those school messes. From now until August 23rd, you can pick out a new vacuum and get it tax free! This means savings anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars or even more, depending on your postal code. Did we also mention free shipping? 


The Best Vacuums for the Biggest School Messes 


Dirty, muddy shoes from the playground combined with backpacks and lunch pails touching dirty school floors means chaos for your home’s cleanliness. For the biggest messes, you need a vacuum cleaner you can count on. 

SEBO and Miele vacuum cleaners are always our go to suggestions for customers looking for a top of the line model. Because these vacuums are designed with the best filtration possible and are meant to last for a decade or even longer, they tend to be a bit more expensive than other options in our vacuum selection. But with our exclusive no tax offer and free shipping, the money you can save truly makes a new vacuum purchase worth it. 

Why Are Miele Vacuums the Best? 


  • Engineered and designed to be long-lasting 
  • Powerful 1200 watt vortex motor 
  • Strong suction, yet quiet 
  • Great for pet hair and all types of flooring 

Check out our staff’s pick for Miele, the Marin C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner! 


Why Are SEBO Vacuums the Best? 


  • HEPA filtration suitable for even hospitals! 
  • Built with commercial, sturdy parts 
  • Be reassured by the long warranty 
  • Convenient, onboard tools 

Check out our staff’s pick for SEBO, the SEBO Automatic X7 Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner! 


Too Many Errands to Run? No Time to Clean? 


We get it – if it’s not picking up kids from school, grocery shopping, or sports activities, there seems to always be something that makes it hard to keep our homes tidy. Robotic vacuums are truly a life savior for these situations, as it provides that deep clean without us having to lift a finger. 

Why A Robotic Vacuum? 


  • Time saving 
  • Control the vacuum remotely 
  • Set a consistent cleaning schedule 
  • Low maintenance 

 Want a truly polished clean of your floors? Check out the ILIFE 2-in-1 mopping vacuum cleaner! 


Need Expert Advice or Have Questions About a Vacuum? 


We have customer service 7 days of the week ready to help and navigate what we understand can be a tricky vacuum purchase. Call us at 1-877-819-6857 for assistance in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean!